Oh, NOW, you tell me...

The last three days of my residence in California has been full of surprises. Ones that had I know earlier, I may have chosen to stay. 1) My job has a new boss. A great head honcho of a manager that is nice, relaxed, and actually remembers my name. He even bought me a going away card forcing Ms. Kaur (the old manager) to sign it. Even though she hates me. 2) There are actually a lot of people in the bay area from the Minneapolis. And a lot of them are minorities. Yesterday I met a girl that attends the University of Minnesota, A guy that attends Mankato State, two guys traveling there for their 22nd birthday party, a screenwriter originally from there, the guy that works at the storage company has family there, and @ women that moved here to go to Mills College. And all this time felt like an Alien. JJ keeps asking me if we all talk with "the accent" and have hoe-downs at the state fair. But then again, she is a rare specimen from the city of L.A. where the only surroundings she as required to be aware of was what everyone else was wearing. 3) I have acquired a big group of friends here. I had no idea that I would be missed so entirely as I have been receiving texts and phone calls from people to whom I haven't yet relayed the news. And word travels fast. I have had visitors come into my job from the neighboring businesses to give me their best wishes, advice on how to stay warm. And the biggest question of all...Why?? Unfortunately, I cannot quite answer that one without pausing to consider it. After all, I am not embarking on some noble mission to save the world or even better myself. The cost of living is cheaper and I need really need time to live on my own in an environment where I feel most comfortable and at home. I miss my old friends and father, and I could really use their support as I begin pharmacy school next semester. But that doesn't nearly as exciting as what it could be. So when the subject arises I quickly change it to the weather, or cute shoes.

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1 Response to "Oh, NOW, you tell me..."

  1. LovelyBee says:
    September 16, 2010 at 12:47 PM

    Aww moving is hard girl; it will defintely take a while to get used to. I moved to Europe without my family 2 years ago and it has been the biggest learning experience of my life :)

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