Here is is...the moment we've all been waiting for. The uptown studio! I was so excited to leave my shift today I almost tripped as I ran out of the Walgreen's and got into the car. I call my landlord as I drive onto Lake Street. "Hey David! How are ya? Yup. I'm on my way." I take special note of the businesses and shops that crowd my new neighborhood on Hennepin Avenue. Yuppies stream in and out of coffee shops, artists hang out by the record shop, people walk their dogs in the park nearby. I envision myself living here and going to all the local poetry slams and farmers markets. I imagine the sunny days transforming into lovely evenings filled with Christmas lights and soft snow. I wasn't even phased by the fact that my short term car loan would be soon be coming to my end. Because in my studio, you can walk right outdoors and there will be a single bus line to take me either to work, the Calhoun district, or the downtown Minneapolis. Where else would I ever need to go anyways? Granted, I have never actually seen the apartment itself. When I came to take a look at it the first time, David was having some trouble finding the correct key to Unit #4.  "I hate that you came all this way for nothing. Here, let me show you the next unit. Each one in the building is structured the same." He shows me Unit #5 instead. I fall in love immediately. I then ask him for application which consists of him asking me a number of questions about my line of work, social habits, and ambitions. Then he offers me the apartment. When I get back to California, we spend the next two weeks corresponding via email and voice mail to negotiate the rent and change the lease. Two drawn out weeks and I am finally here. David had told me that his caretaker, Larry, would be meeting me to handle the signing. He is already waiting for me with the door open as I bound up the staircase to where the apartments are located. "Just find the paperwork. You can go ahead and take a look of you want. Its unlocked." So I continue down the hall as he disappears into his studio. It exactly the way I pictured it. A cute, medium sized studio with hardwood floors and a remodeled kitchenette. Plenty of closet space, good lighting, and a huge window to look outside and watch...a brick wall? No, no, no, this can't be right. I go out and look at the door number again. #4. Please, no. I go to the window and look up, down, left and right, desperately searching for some outlet where sun could escape in , or I could see out. But there was no way around it. My darling uptown studio is completely blocked. By a brick fucking wall. I decide to call a couple of friends known to have better judgment. Ones that weren't emotionally involved. "Don't do it, Jackie. You'll regret it", says one. "But you're only home at night anyway. You probably won't notice." says another. Finally Larry comes in with the lease ready for me to sign it. "Did you know that was there?" I point at the window. Larry looks uncomfortable. "Yea, I mean you still want it, right?" I tell him I need to go home and think about it. But  I don't go home and think about it. As soon as I am there I turn on my Dell Mini and vigorously search the craigslist ads for new postings. I make a several appointments for the next day to launch off the mission. That's when I notice the newly reposted ad and laugh."Now available. Cozy studio apartment on Hennepin. Hardwood floors. LARGE window."

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1 Response to "Holy...brick?"

  1. AFon says:
    September 29, 2010 at 11:44 PM

    I recently made a move so I know how much apartment shopping sucks. I think by the 10th place we saw I was delirious and about ready to just live in a tent behind Target. But we finally just walked into the 13th place and loved it. So goodluck with the apartment hunting you'll find something!



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