Ill have another margarita.

In less than two days, while the world was busy spinning around the sun, I was busy transporting my life to the middle of country. I started off excited and motivated as I put on Katy Perry's "Waking up in Vegas", and rolled my clothes up as tightly as possible to fit everything. I was slightly disappointed, though to learn that my entire life fit into three large packages. My going away party consisted of my grandma, mom, neighbor, and best friend, along with a few other stopper by's, helping me pack. Or better yet, watching me pack as they analyzed every item telling me it wasn't Minnesota worthy and they should keep it. When I finally finished stuffing all my thing into suitcases, duffle bags, and boxes, my cousin reorganized and repacked it all. "I'm anal about these things", she says. Then we drink margherita's and dance the macarena. "Your going to like living alone", my friend Darryl tells me. "But why are you going to Minnesota of all places?!" One friend leaves me with a bottle of Three Buck Chuck wine. Another creates a banner with signatures entitled "Go Jmac!" "Sorry, I'm just used to making basketball signs", she tells me. In the end, three of us are left to crash on the sofa and futon ans still there when I wake up in the morning frantic about getting ready in time. "Where's my comb? Has anyone seen my shoes? What time is it now?". I am a complete mess as my mom drops of JJ and I give an extra ling hug goodbye to her, her dad, and her dog. I make it back to car and ride along to the airport relatively sane. It hasn't quite hit me yet until my mom hugs m goodbye and I am standing in line at the security gate waiting for my assignd standby seat. Unfortunately, the movie playing on the flight was A-Team, which I already watched with the other night on a sort of forget about everything "date". So I doze as my head nods up and down with the drafts. I awaken to colder, familiar city. Or twin cities and I should say. The people are warm and the air is crisp. So much so that I got a nosebleed within the first six hours. My body physically was not used to the climate, the lack of altitude. I experienced withdrawal symptoms right away such as using "hella" and "potna" whenever possible. And refusing to wear a jacket. I keep calling lake street by Lakshore which is on Oakland. I want to smog proof my car. And then I remember I totaled my car while texting and driving into the rear end of a semi. That always snaps me back to reality.

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2 Response to "Ill have another margarita."

  1. PaperDollMN says:
    September 20, 2010 at 4:46 PM

    Saw your blog on 20sb ... welcome to Minnesota! I'm in Minneapolis :)

    September 20, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    Wow you handle it better than me mama! I can't stand moving and I get hella homesick :( congrats on the move!

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