Dude...where's my pod?

Now that I have finally the made to agonizing decision to relocate across the country, I had wonderful task of telling my friends and family. The news was followed by an array of comments ranging from "You're going where?" (as if they didn't hear me the first time) to "But its so cold there"(as if I wasn't aware) to my personal favorite... "So what...you just didn't like California anymore?"(as if it were about them). Moving really is a bitch. My family nearly had a meltdown yesterday as I relayed the good news. My friend though I was abandoning her and almost had a panic attack. Even my ex called me up to see if it were really true. I told him yes and elaborated upon all the great opportunities I had lined up for myself. He told me that was wonderful and then added that California just isn't for everyone. To add to my plate, I have a giant storage Pod containing all my belongings and I need to retrieve it somehow. Its quite humorous actually. The fact that the Pod system somehow got one over on me and ended up charging huge amounts of hidden fees and taxes making their services not such a worthwhile investment in the end. I vaguely remember this horror movie happening to me two years ago when I first arrived in San Jose. There is still much to do and people to visit and shifts to cover at my old job. But success comes with a price. Which reminds me...I should probably drop that Chemistry class that I am suppose be in at Northwestern in Minnesota. The one that started 2 hours ago? Yea that one.Now here is the big news. My good friend Ella is also moved to uptown from Ecuador where she taught English to children. She is living in a nice house with another roommate and would like me to be the third chic to fill the vacant spot. But then I would have to forfeit my dream of a quaint studio. The choice is tough. A sorority house with girlfriends, bonfires, and late night gossip or a studio in the heart of everything, where I can have things my way, and as many cute guys in and out as like. It got me thinking...will I ever be ready to live on my own.Will I be able to tolerate myself and my own annoying habits? Or am I more comfortable around other people as they force me to be an adult and responsible?I called Ella to complain to her about my fears, hopes, and dreams. It was then that I realized that she spoke with such a thick Midwestern accent I felt as though I had been sucked into the depths of Fargo. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as Jerry Seinfeld would point out. I just never noticed it before. California after all is the land of neutral accent. Everyone else is talks weird. Before I knew it I had ended the phone conversation with "Ya sure!" and "You betcha!" These swedes would be proud. Now all I need to do is gather some swedish meatballs, Swedish Fish, and whip up a side of isterband.

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