A Walk to Remember

Its funny, the lessons you can learn at random yet very significant moments in your life. I had no idea that I would be berated with feelings of wrath, pain, and fear, all at once while hurridly walking home from my job at Walgreens late one one evening. In that instant, I went from trying to decide whether to wear the trendy silver flats with rhinestones or the sexy black stilletoes, to whether to call 911 or pray to a God I haven't spoken to in years. Just before deciding on the shoes and switching my thought process on what to do with my hair, I stepped into a cross walk 12 meters away the cracking sound of a woman thrown violently atop the hood of Volkswagen bug and then falling head first onto the pavement. The vehicle slowed down as a crazed driver and hysterical passenger peered down at unmoving body. When the woman flinched, confirming she was not dead, the bug sped screeched sharply and sped away into the night. "Sorry..I'm so sorry", the driver shouted.  My heart pummeled put of my chest. I looked around at the bouncer at the bar nearby and the man pumping his gas at the 76 down the street who may or may not have witnessed the event, but in any case were not reacting. Meanwhile, the woman sits up and steadies herself. "Are you OK", I run up to her not knowing what else to say. She stands up. "I just got hit by a car!" After the ambulance, paramedics, police cars, and fire squad hit the scene, she is frantic, fully alert, and pissed. " Who the fuck do they think they are?! He was clearly drunk..."I was still stunned at it all. Oakland, California has taught me the people can react all sorts of ways in a situation. After giving my witness and wishing the woman a better evening, I wonder home not quite as concerned about the date I planned for the night. I hug my mother and thank the goddess that it wasn't me and that no one lost a life.

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